A horse is worth more than riches. ~Spanish Proverb

Cayuse Gold (aka Cisco)- 2001 Stallion by Jessie James X Eliza Jane (Wyoming Kid),
Cisco is a buckskin dun stallion, 14:2+ hands (147+ cm)
SMR 3259/HOA1598/AHHA 7
OLWS negative
EVA Neg.

Cayuse Gold or Cisco has produced consistently outstanding foals to a variety of mares both Colonial Spanish as well as an Arabian, Welsh and a Quarter Horse mare. He is passing on his lovely neck and shoulder, excellent movement, substantial bone and excellent feet, and most important his sensible, people oriented temperament and his trainability. His first foals are now 4 and 5 year olds and we are delighted with the ease with which they are being started and show the same quick intelligence as their sire.

We spent the 2007 and 2008 Summer season doing promotions and expos with Cisco instead of showing as we felt getting the word out on his breed was more important in the short term for our program as well as for his breed. He has performed at Kentucky Horse Park in the Parade of Breeds as well as Tuckahoe Outlaw Days in Maryland. He exhibited at the Equine Affaire in Massachusetts in the Fall and ended the season at the NC Sport Horse Stallion Show in January where he wowed many folks by jumping the grid set for the much larger Warmblood stallions and making it look very easy. He also traveled from Virginia to Wyoming and back for the Spanish Mustang Registry’s 50th Anniversary celebration, to Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, and Massachusetts....over 10,000 miles in a trailer in one season. He has been a gentleman consistently and a great ambassador for his breed and we could not be more proud of him. Most recently this past summer of 2010, he was pulled out of the pasture after 6 months of turnout, was put back into work for a few weeks, and was taken to support the Wild Horse Days Festival in Corolla, NC. He took it like the solid campaigner that he is..in his stride and with masses of people surrounding him for pats and rubs. His temperament is truly that exceptional

Cisco has been trained through Second Level dressage and has done only limited competitions due to time constraints and our focus on promotion. We have always felt that Cisco has the talent to make it to the FEI levels but the reality of a breeding stallion's life is that he has a very important role to pass on his genes and produce offspring...and that is even more important given the critical status of our rare breed. We made a decision this past year to focus on his youngsters to carry on behind him in competition so Cisco has been semi-retired to the role of breeding stallion. Eight of his earliest foals have been backed and a number are going on to compete in both hunters and dressage so we feel that Cisco's most productive role at this point is as a top quality breeding stallion versus a competition horse. We feel that the true proof of any stallion's value is in his offspring; and so far Cisco has proven his value as a sire to be great indeed in producing sane, typey trainable and beautiful Spanish Mustangs.

Cayuse Gold has been DNA tested to carry the cream gene. He is also dun factor. This makes him a 75% color producer on non gray mares. He can produce 50% cream dilutes (palominos, buckskins, smokey blacks), 50% dun dilutes (red dun, grulla, bay dun), 25% both dilute genes (dunskins/buckskin dun, dunalinos/palomino dun, smokey grulla), as well as a 25% chance of non dilute. On mares that are also cream dilutes, he can produce cremellos, perlinos, or smokey creams.

Stud fee for 2012 will be $500. Live foal guarantee. EVA Negative and Vaccinated. Limited live cover available or on farm insemination as well as shipped, cooled semen. Mare owners pay collection and shipping costs. Mare care is $8/day for dry mares, wet mares $12/day. First collection is $75 and subsequent collections are $50 if needed. We only charge to cover the costs of our equipment, time, and supplies. Shipping costs depend on whether you chose an Equitainer or a disposable container and where you are shipping to. We do ask for a refundable deposit of $200 for the use of our Equitainer. We strongly recommend a culture and cytology be done on all mares being bred by shipped semen to optimize your chances of success

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