The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears. ~Arabian Proverb

Wayward Wind - 1989 stallion by Sequoyah x Juanda (Lonesome).
Dark Bay Sabino, 14.1/2 hands. SMR 1599, HOA 1751, AHHA 19
Negative for OLWS.
EVA Neg.

We were very fortunate and privileged to acquire Wayward Wind in May 08 due to the generosity of his lifelong owner Deborah Tipton. He is an exceptional Colonial Spanish/Spanish Mustang stallion with an illustrious career of showing and promotion and a proven producer. He competed in English and Western Pleasure, Games, Costume, Trail, Dressage, Cross Country, but predominantly as a Hunter and Jumper pony. He won a SMR Caballo De Trabajo Award in 1994 and Conquistador of Show in 1996. In 1996, he was awarded the SMR’s Horse of the Year Award for his contributions to the breed. Wayward was also trained to drive and happily pulled a cart for his prior owner.
Wayward was ridden and shown often by children and has a temperament to die for...a calmer, kinder stallion is hard to find. He is highly intelligent and desires to please as well. He produces the same people oriented temperament in his offspring also. He has exceptional movement for sport horse disciplines with a lovely long elastic stride and free shoulder. He can easily jump 4 1/2 feet with excellent form and is 100% sound with lovely clean legs. I first saw Wayward in the Fall of 2007 and fell in love with him then watching him enter class after class in a fun show ridden by a young rider, and his good natured and happy attitude and incredible athleticism blew me away. Wayward is the ultimate sport pony and we are thrilled to have him here at Rainbow’s End for the rest of his life. We have found that his bloodlines from his sire Sequoyah cross exceptionally well with Cayuse Gold’s, our younger stallion. We have two of Wayward’s half sisters, Blue Dancer and Kiowa’s Breeze, also by Sequoyah, and both are exceptional producers.

We have three foals from him in 2009 and two in 2010...RE Wayward Spirit out of Cheyenne Dog Soldier, RE Telluride and RE Chantilly out of Sierra Encantada, and RE Antigua(deceased) and RE Wayward Eagle out of Savannah Mist... and one mares back in foal to him for 2011 but two due with outside in Canada conceived by frozen semen and one in North Carolina conceived by fresh cooled semen.

Stud fees for 2012 will be $500. Live Foal Guarantee. EVA Negative and Vaccinated. Limited Live Cover, on Farm AI, Shipped Cooled Semen or Frozen Semen (call for more information). Mare owners pay collection and shipping costs. Mare care is $8/day for dry mares, wet mares $12/day. First collection is $75 and subsequent collections are $50 if needed. We only charge to cover the costs of our equipment, time, and supplies. Shipping costs depend on whether you chose an Equitainer or a disposable container and where you are shipping to. We do ask for a refundable deposit of $200 for the use of our Equitainer. We strongly recommend a culture and cytology be done on all mares being bred by shipped semen to optimize your chances of success.

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